Monday, October 18, 2010

Bedwetting Problems

I recently wrote a post on potty training, discussing the fact that children (or, toddlers, shall I say?) all learn and advance at their own pace when it comes to peeing on (or in?) the potty. No, I will not push my children to use the potty before they are ready...but I encourage them in a positive manner and let them learn at the rate that they are comfortable.  This has worked for me.

But, Life Is Not Perfect...

Unfortunately for us parents (and the poor kids involved), potty training goes far beyond the toddler stages...there are plenty of children that have issues with bedwetting, too. And, this can go on into teenage years...I haven't had to worry too much about this issue, even though I have 6 children. For the most part, once my kids were trained (and the potty training was absolutely not pushed or forced), bedwetting has only happened a few times in our family, and it was usually when a child was sick or it was a freak accident...(in case you were interested...)
If you're dealing with bedwetting issues, I can imagine that you are completely frustrated and pretty stressed out, and I don't blame you. However, staying calm, cool, and collected through the bedwetting episodes is going to help the situation out a lot. Yes, I know that you are disgusted with changing sheets and remaking the bed in the middle of the night. (I, personally, am not very good with this stuff...or blood, or anything else. Diaper changes are enough for me.)

I also can imagine that you'd like to get to the bottom of the issue and find a "fix". Getting up in the middle of the night is no fun in the first place, never mind having to console an upset child and clean up the mess. So, do you think yelling at your kid or punishing them is going to make things any better? I dare to wager a BIG "No" on that one.

My Embarrassing Story

I'll share a personal story with you: (Oh, my goodness, here I go...) I remember one night, waking up (I must have been about 10) in a very wet bed. I had just finished a dream, in which I was literally going to the bathroom. I must have thought that I was really in the bathroom, or maybe my subconscious mind knew that I needed to go. Either way, I wet my bed. I wasn't just wet...I was distraught and embarrassed. My mother was not very happy when I woke her, however she calmly (and groggily, through her sleepiness) helped me remove the wet bedsheets and my pajamas, put my bed back together and new pajamas on...nice and fresh. She told me it was okay and tucked me back in again. Okay, so now that my bedwetting story has been released for the world to read...
I'm writing this post because I receive a ton of information in my email about all sorts of different offers that parents may be interested in and wanted to share this with whomever may need it. I am, in no way, getting reimbursed for this post (but, if GoodNights wants to reward me for it, I welcome it!)

GoodNights covers several different aspects of bedwetting on their website. They have bedwetting advice, facts, myths, and truths. They also offer a free sample to try out.

They also have an expert panel, including pediatricians, Dr. Wolffe Nadoolman and Dr. Jennifer Trachtenberg, that can be reached through the contact us page.

Look, it's hard enough being a parent when absolutely nothing goes wrong in life, your children are perfect and completely healthy. But, this is not the norm, as we all know. (We wouldn't have to search the Internet for answers to all of our problems if parenting was so easy, would we?)

If you are experiencing unusual bedwetting, head on over to the Goodnights website. Also, feel free to contact me...I may be able to help you find other resources to help you and your precious one through this. Whatever you are dealing with, it's more than likely more frustrating for your child than it is for you. Be patient, as hard as it may seem, give your child a hug and let them know that you will help them get through it...your loving support is half the battle.

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