Tuesday, September 21, 2010

More Crafting Ideas For Kids

You have flooded my inbox with requests for more crafting ideas for you and the kids. Guess what? I stumbled across some simple and cute ideas for you! But, that's not all...

Even If You're Not Like Martha Stewart (And, I Hope You're Not!)

Look, not all of us are Martha Stewart wanna-be's (and to be quite honest, I think we need a need a new persona to stick in her place), so don't discount these crafts because you don't have a crafty bone in your body. These crafting concepts are perfect for those of you that cannot figure out how to measure, cut and trim, let alone throw a whole project together. To give you an idea of how simple and clear-cut these projects are: if your spiders turn out looking more like octopuses, you won't have any problem making these.

 Crafters 4 Kids

I had the pleasure of speaking with Sandy Sandler yesterday and am so delighted to tell you about Crafters 4 Kids! It's a non-profit organization dedicated to helping other not-for-profits with obtaining the supplies for crafts for their kiddies. The concept of Crafters 4 Kids is focused toward at-risk or underprivileged children, but it doesn't stop there. These ideas can be used in classrooms all over the country, at home, and in day care facilities. The possibilities are endless...

I took a good look at the whole site, and each and every idea on there is simple. In addition, they're all very lightweight on the wallet.

Who doesn't love economical and easy? 

Halloween Crafts

So, you wanted some more Halloween crafts and Crafters 4 Kids has it for you on their Halloween Craft Page. Figure out how to make some adorable pumpkins, spider webs and goblins to decorate the house with. Or, better yet, you could make the crafts with your kids and send them to their teachers at the schools and day cares that they attend.

Help spread the word about Crafters 4 Kids by creating their crafts and giving them as gifts.

Think About What Crafting Does For Our Children

Beyond using creative and thought-provoking mind-bending skills that crafting inspires, children learn to properly use scissors and glue and several other crafting supplies - they're developing their fine motor skills while they work.

They have to follow directions (another part of learning...and this may include some patience on their part) in order to bring the project to fruition.

The best part? There's an immense sense of accomplishment when a project is finished. "Look what I did!" (Accompanied by big, proud smiles - don't we all love to see them proud?)

In addition, if you've never "crafted" with your children before, you will realize how excited and involved they can get. One small craft can turn into hours of designing innovative creations. (My kids go nuts over some cotton balls and multi-colored pipe cleaners!)

I can't say enough about arts and crafts for kids and how vital they can be for expanding and developing a child's mind. Think about children with learning disabilities, too. How great can crafting be for children that struggle on a daily basis to be "just like the other kids"?

And, with the simple crafts that Crafters 4 Kids displays on their website, anyone can feel that sense of pride and accomplishment.

Look Forward To...

Crafters 4 Kids plans to post new Kideos (I love that-they are videos for our kiddie-oh's) that feature new projects in the future. Also in the plans are even more ideas and projects, so keep checking back!

If you love these fabulous ideas and Crafters 4 Kids' mission statement just as much as I do, help me support them in any way that you can.

Supporting can be as simple as making a craft and sending it to your kid's teacher or loyally following the website. If you have a blog, you can help spread the word about Crafters 4 Kids. If you have a project or products, send a message to inquire how you can get involved.

And, if you are in the position of sponsoring a non-profit organization that is devoted to our kids (and provides us great ideas for crafting with our kids) and you find it in your heart to help Crafter 4 Kids continue their mission, I'm sure they'd love to hear from you. Crafters 4 Kids provides excellent sponsorship packages with awesome benefits, including television, radio and Internet exposure.

Kudos to you, Sandy Sandler and Crafters 4 Kids! Thanks for inspiring us to create cool crafts with our children! Even more...thanks for doing it out of the kindness of your heart.

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