Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Memorable Children Books & Gifts Has A Big Heart

I was recently invited to sign up to be one of the first 30 people to receive...

But, this time, the "contest" was different. We have turned into a results-driven marketing world, where people will follow anything in hopes to get the result that they are looking for. You indulge in that sometimes, right? Okay, well I do.

This time, it was a book for my child. Every mother knows that you can never have enough books for your child. In addition, what child does not love a nice, smooth, shiny new book to feast their eyes on? The children enjoy soaking up the fresh, bright pictures and illustrations and new stories that came along with them. My kids happen to be the type of children that go nuts over new books.

There was a slight problem...

In my house, when there is one new book, there must be five other to accompany it, so that all the children are satiated. If not, the question: "Who's book is that?" "Oh, I wanted that book!" "How come I didn't get a book?"...enough said. One book is simply not enough in this household.

That wasn't a problem with Ella of Memorable Children Books & Gifts. She asked me how many children I had, what my address was and told me that my books were on their way. After I realized that I actually made it in the "first 30" group, I thought, "Wow, that's great, she's sending a couple of books!"

Boy, was I wrong!

No, Ella didn't send my kids a couple of books. She sent SIX books. One for each kid. And, would you believe that they actually matched the children's ages perfectly, like they were hand picked by someone who knew them. An all-time favorite Dick and Jane book was in the package...I ended up reading it nearly four hundred and sixty five times in the next few days.

Just think of the smiles that she brought to my childrens' faces! What she did was very special to us. I guess she knows what an amazingly wonderful, eye-opening, and mind-stretching gift that a book is for a child. I assume that's why she treasures books, too. We wish her luck in the Leading Moms in Business 2010 Competition! 

Visit Ella at www.mcbooksandgifts.com for a selection of books and other keepsakesythat are great ideas for gifts or simply "just because". Be sure to sign her guest book and keep her in mind when books are on your shopping list.

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