Thursday, September 23, 2010

Kid Bullies: Would You Get on the Bus, Too?

I'm ridiculously irate! I was reading Momania today...and I was so mad, steam was coming out of my ears! Another bully-on-the-bus-story...Only, this time, the Dad had enough...and I don't blame him one iota!
Apparently, his daughter (a special needs child, bless her heart) was being bullied and picked on while riding the school bus, but it went further than that! These kids actually PHYSICALLY HURT HIS DAUGHTER! So, he got on the school bus and threatened them after his daughter pointed the culprits out.  


The Outrage!

If your child bullies, threatens, or picks on mine, expect me to be on the bus the next day, letting them have it. And the next day...and the next...until your child stops. In addition, expect me to deal with the bus driver, the school principal, the superintendent of schools, and the school board until I feel like your child has been punished to the extreme that I am happy with.

Even if it means your child is kicked off the bus for the school year and you have to be late to work every day because you have to drop them off at school. If your child bullies my child, it's time to tangle.

You should have taught your child better and you deserve to be late to work! 

Bullying is not acceptable!

They say, "Kids will be kids"...and "They're just kids"...but, they know better than that! If you're raising your kids right, they know better...if you're not teaching them how bullying affects other children, you know better.

On the same token, if MY kids ever bullied someone else, I wouldn't only be extremely embarrassed and disgusted, they would have to deal with some MAJOR consequences...and if a parent got on the bus to let them have it for bullying their child, it would be well deserved!

Something has to change...

Going Through the Proper Channels?

The author of the article, Theresa Walsh Giarrusso, mentioned that you should "go through the proper channels"...prior to getting on the bus and letting the perpetrators have it. (Sorry, Theresa, I beg to differ with you on this one.) IN THIS CASE, where a girl is picked on, smacked upside the head, had her ear twisted...and a condom put on her head (where did they get that?!?!?)...

Then, the mother of the kid that did the bullying had the nerve to stand BY HER SON saying that he was "scared"...give me a break! I can't believe you have the nerve to get on TV (you can check all this out on YouTube) and act like your son was in the right! Your child was wrong and YOU should be ashamed of yourself for allowing him to think anything but that! You are lucky that you're not being SUED because your son PHYSICALLY ASSAULTED that poor girl!

I Hope Those Kids Were Served Some Serious Consequences!

It would take EVERY BONE IN MY BODY to hold me back from spanking those kids! Yelling at them wouldn't even satisfy me. However, I would most likely stop short right after letting them have it like James Willie Jones did.

James Willie Jones, as a father, you had every right to step on that bus and do what you did! Good for you for standing up for your daughter! She'll eventually get over the incident and know that you were there for her...I hope the kids that picked on her are serving some serious time in OUT OF SCHOOL SUSPENSION to learn their lesson.Stop apologizing. No apology needed...good Dads defend their daughters.

Mommy Ranters: What would you do? Would you have gotten on the bus, too? How do you feel about this story? Should he have been arrested? Should he be apologizing?


  1. I am going through this right now with my 6 yr old. The 'new kid on the block' is a little sh*t.. none of the other neighborhood kids like him. Mom has the nerve to go out & yell at all the other kids. Even called my 15 yr old over to the park to yell at her, even tho she's never around this kid. She claims her son is 'innocent.' HA!! He has taken it a step farther & hits & teases my 6 yr old on the bus. I have already firmly spoken to this kid & had the bus driver move my daughter away from him. I found out yesterday that he really is a trouble maker.. he throws pencils at other kids, etc. So I guess he was threatened to be kicked off for 3 weeks. Mom's mad because, again, she thinks her son is innocent.

    Blah.. I could go on & on about this. This is a subject I feel real strong about.

  2. Hi Bethany,

    Bullies issue in kids are dangerous and should be prevented quickly and effectively.

    I once watch on Oprah, where this child is bullied and it hurts him deep. To end his misery, he hung himself.

    I hoping no more of this tragedy ever happen again. So we as parent should keep watching on our child for their immediate change of behavior.

    Thanks Mamybelle!


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