Sunday, September 19, 2010

I Fell Off My Chair

So, I have been actively working on Mommy Rantings to bring anyone who is interested some fun, eventful, creative, controversial, and exciting topics. My brain is so full of ideas, it seems I hardly have time to write them all down. What started as a documentary of stories about my children became a bigger project than I ever expected it to be!

With the inspiration and support of some very dear friends (Linda, Chitra, and my very loving husband who admitted that he secretly read Mommy Rantings...and so many others...forgive me if I did not mention are all in my heart) I have brought Mommy Rantings up a notch and plan to continue to deliver. Thank you so much for your support and ideas...keep 'em coming.


At this point, you're wondering why I'm getting so uncharacteristically soggy. LOL.

Here goes...I was quickly checking the comments on Mommy Rantings and realized that I've won an award! I almost fell out of my chair! Are you serious? Nuh-uh! Was it a joke? Are you kidding me? You're serious. Really?

Really! Look: Blog Goddess Awards.

I have thought twice about several of my recent posts, hoping that I wasn't offending other parents by saying not only what is on my mind, but throwing out there what I consider "The Real Deal" - raw, real, no holds-barred content. Sometimes, you take a chance and you get a great response. Other times, you lose readers and make people mad.

I can now proudly display my Blog Goddess Award! (Now, I have to figure out how and where to display my award on the blog). But, to be really honest, I am ultimately honored and humbled.

Thank you so much, Blog Goddess Awards and thank you to my followers and visitors...if it wasn't for the support that you all give me in your emails and comments, Mommy Rantings wouldn't be "alive" today. You guys are the best! Keep coming back for more...and I will do my best to keep giving you what you are looking for.


  1. It is a much deserved award, I'm thrilled to give it to your blog.

  2. I am so happy for you, if anyone deserves this award you do. Your writing is wonderful and the topics that you choose are controversial, but they are what every parent would want to know about, but some are afraid to talk about openly. Congratulations, kepp up the great work.

  3. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Am so happy


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