Sunday, September 12, 2010

Do It Yourself Fall Crafts: What's Halloween Without Crafting?

It's Halloween craft time! Pumpkins, gourds, scarecrows and all sorts of scary looking monsters have already found their homes in neighbor's yards and the weather is definitely a bit crisper for us northern people. I'm still not completely ready for the weather change - I'm holding my breath for another month of gorgeous weather, but I'm not going to hold it in for long.

In the meantime, as promised, I am rounding up the cutest DIY projects -I've been searching long and hard on the Internet - and I will be posting the links to their directions so you can run to the store, get your supplies, and start making them yourself! What's Halloween without the arts and crafts?

Isn't this adorable? I found it on  Kaboose! It's great for any age and is so easy to reproduce!Fill it up with whatever you choose...but, I would suggest you think beyond filling it with candy. It wouldn't survive a day in my house if I filled it with candy!

I just loved these almost cuddly-looking skeletons with their smiling faces. I found these and their instructions on Woman's Day. Be careful of the buttons and attachments if you have little ones running around the house.

Hostess (With the mostess) has the complete instructions for these Halloween decorations. Again, this one is great for any age that is ready for scissors - and it's great exercise for the little fingers, too! Not to mention, it's easy on the wallet.

If this is not colorful and tasty looking to you, with all of the Halloween/fall colors included, I don't know what is! I bet it smells delicious when it's cooking, too! But, surely if the children won't eat it, they'll still have some fun creating it. Find the recipe at Just Bento!

These little cups are a quick project for the last-minute party treat. I found them on The Crafty Crow (who, by the way, also lists several other ideas for Halloween DIY), however, the link that Crafty Crow provided no longer worked. I would say that you simply decorate the cups with a thin marker and then fill the cup with colored popcorn (do they sell it like that? Most likely not). A sugar, water and food coloring mixture cooked over the stove is the way to create the colorful popcorn (It also works for Christmas tree string popcorn, too!)

I love this one, too! It's crafty-looking, but has that tattered Halloween appeal. Find this (and she has other awesome ideas, too!) at Vanilla Joy. I really liked this one, too! Paper Bags are so versatile:

Join in the fun and leave comments on this post with your favorite DIY Halloween/Fall crafts for us, too. Don't you just love Halloween? There are so many endless ideas for the do-it-yourself-er!


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