Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Best Hayrides in the Fall

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What is fall - or Halloween, for those of us that celebrate it - without making our way to the cornfields or the pumpkin patch for a hayride?  I don't think my children have actually made it through one fall without that must-do trip on the hay wagon. We've been on the horse-drawn wagons and the tractor pulled wagons, and I think I'll leave it up to the children to come up with which type they prefer (but I think I like the horse-drawn carts for the leisurely strolls. However, for the hayrides that clunk through haunted trails, the tractor pull with the bigger wagons are my preference). What do you think?

A New Place For the Holidays

This year, we can get excited. We're no longer in the Carolinas...Buffalo is our spot for spooky adventures this year. If you live in the Buffalo area, you probably already know about the Fri-Howl-O-Ween Hayrides at The Buffalo Zoo. We can't wait! They're going to have doughnuts, apple cider, some free treats, and it only costs $9 for non-members (if you have your membership at the zoo, you're in luck - you will only have to pay $6). They only do this on October 17, 18, 24, and the 25th.

Get In Line!

We plan to get there early, as we are sure that the lines will be craaaaaaaaaaazzzzzzzzzy!

Costume Time

The kids just asked me last night when we are going to get their costumes, and I gave them the diplomatic answer that I normally try to stick to: if you behave and take care of all of your responsibilities as you should, we might be able to get your costumes this weekend. That inspired a big, "Yay!", although I am sure that they won't hold up their end of the bargain as usual.

Sorry, Linda (Survive the Cost of Living), I'm Not Saving A Penny This Year!

I still plan to get out there to the stores and get their costumes this weekend. No, you won't find the do-it-yourself costumes on our kids this year. The store-bought ones, whether they rack up to a total of $150 or not, are my costumes of choice this year, and we'll be hitting the stores before everything in there whittles down to next to nothing.

I never look forward to the costume shopping escapade, but for some reason, I always come out of it feeling good. Maybe it's the kids always seems to rub off. Either way, we're geared up for some excitement and adventure this year! We've already scoped out our trick-or-treating route! :)

What are you doing with your kids this year?

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  1. Hi, no apology necessary, glad you saw my costume ideas, and that you can buy costumes for 6 children. When my son turned 12 years old the costumes he wanted started getting very expensive, I gave him a choice between all of the haunted houses that we love to visit in the Poconos, or cutting back on the costume. He choose making a great costume and getting to go to about 4 haunted houses, 1 hayride, 1 corn maze and 1 haunted hay ride. Oh I can't forget the 5 or 6 pumpkins that we will buy, clean and carve. But I love it all.


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