Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My Free Sample Bryton Pick Review And GiveAway!

Exciting news in my personal "freebies" endeavor: The Bryton Pick for flossing teeth. I have a cool review of a product for all the mommies out there that don't have all of the time in the world to stand in the mirror and primp anymore. Hey, where have those good ol' days gone? I barely look in the mirror now. I guess maybe I should to make sure I'm not running around with food between my teeth.

Onto the review: Recently, I was perusing another mommy blog that I am fond of when I saw an advertisement for mom bloggers to sign up to try a product for free and blog about it. I frantically signed up for these Bryton Picks-who doesn't love free stuff?-and went back to my busy life without a second thought. About two weeks later in the mail, this envelop came with a free sample package and pamphlets. The cool thing was: it actually had three samples inside. Not one...three!
It sat on my desk until later that day when my husband came home and asked, "Hey, what's this?" I tried to whisk my new freebies out of his hand, but he won. He was going to get to try the Bryton Pick first. Good thing there were three free samples, or he would be writing this blog right now.

The truth was: it was more than fine with me that he wanted to be the guinea pig with the Bryton Pick. At first sight, these tooth "flossers" appeared to be a completely uncomfortable item to slide between my teeth, let alone touch my gums. The stainless steel, rounded tip on the end that slides between the teeth looks knife-like and actually comes in contact with the gums. I was shocked, surprised and intrigued to see my husband's eyebrows raise and hear his comment, "Not bad" as he held up the small blade-looking utensil.

At that point, I decided to try one of these Bryton Picks myself. They are so much better than sticking miscellaneous items in between the teeth in the middle of the day to extract food items that are stuck. They're quite interesting to look at and they come in an array of colors. The packaging is the size of a credit card, so they fit perfectly into the wallet, making them extremely convenient for bringing them along during the day.

The Bryton Pick boasts a myriad of advantages, including preventing against tooth decay, gum inflammation, and gingivitis. I'm sure it also prevents the occasional embarrassment of having food stuck between the teeth at a dinner meeting as well.  I can imagine someone with braces (I remember those days!) would love this product, as it will fit in and out of the grooves and crevices so much better than floss. The Bryton Pick can be reused for 30 days, so the investment may outweigh the cost of tooth floss if you go through it like we do. (In my house, tooth floss is used for arts and crafts by the kids, rather than floss, so it doesn't last long.)

As a busy mom that loves convenience and ease of use, I find these little "flossers" to be a unique concept and they happen to definitely be cool tools. The price is about the only exception to the whole "cool" concept. I believe you can buy 3 of these Bryton Picks for about $9, so at three bucks a piece, I'm not sure if I'll be turning the tooth floss in forever. But, it really is a creative and innovative concept if you can get past the initial appearance.

By the way: here is a bonus for my "followers"...BrytonPick has contacted me to offer two of my visitors a free sample too! If you are interested in a free sample from BrytonPick, leave a comment on this post. I will throw names in a hat on August 26th a choose two lucky winners. You gotta try these!


  1. Thank you for the comment in my YouSayToo about this review. Good to know fellow mom bloggers in Momblogs.com

    Great review and lets enjoy the free the stuff.

  2. I would like to try one. I am your newest follower. Thanks for the chance!


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