Monday, July 5, 2010

Summer Fun

It has been a while since I last updated my blog...things have been absolutely crazy, with the children on summer break, holidays to prepare for, fireworks to attend, pools to hop into to cool off in, and, of course, figuring out ways to relax for a moment.

I have recently been enlightened of a new craft that has inspired my children to create their own "little people" with colorful clothing and hair. Pipecleaners...purchased at Michael's craft store. We had some neighbors whose children were kind enough to share with my children their innovative little creations using only pipecleaners and cotton balls.

I promised my children that we would run to Michael's to purchase some of these colorful crafting supplies, but have yet to fulfill the promise...I will get there (I promise!). So, the other day, as we were running about shopping, we decided to stop at the McDonald's (with the playground, of course), and let the children wear off some steam. Hubby and I were on the tired side, but children never wear out, it seems.

On the way home from the McDonald's, we passed Michael's. I thought the children were going to jump out of the van! "Michael's! Mom, Michael's! Stop!"

"You passed it! Turn around!"


Unfortunately, we chose not to stop. (We had shopped at at least 5 stores and stopped at McDonald's-do you blame me?) But we will get there, after the holiday hangover that the Fourth of July brings along with it has worn off.

In the meantime, these little crafts are so easy for you to get for your children. They are basically self-explanatory, so all you have to do, as the parent, is purchase the items and put them into the hands of your children. They will figure out the rest. I promise I will get to Michael's (maybe I'll go today), because about $5 worth of pipe cleaners and $1 of cotton balls will provide for many hours of creative and innovative thought inspirations for my kids, and what parent does not love that?

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