Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Water Infatuation

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Water balloons, water guns, cups of water. Oh, yes, my two-year-old has discovered the beauty of water as a new toy!

From the kitchen sink to the bathroom sink, he has learned to fill up balloons, water guns and anything else that will hold water. And, he's also learned how he can spark up mommy by just filling up one small balloon with water and running through the house. "No! Do NOT get water on the couch!"

With that oh-so-naughty giggle, he'll run around, water balloon clutched tightly, to see how far (and fast) I will chase him for that darn balloon!

It doesn't stop with the water balloon. Quickly after I confiscate it, he decides that a water gun is the next thing he can use to get my attention. He fills it up without my knowledge, and approaches me with that naughty grin, pulling the trigger. Right in the face!

"Stop getting water everywhere!" Was that supposed to stop him? He laughed loud. This game was really fun!

I can just imagine what is going through his head...Haha! I really have her going now. What else can I put water in?

And, of course, water gun confiscated, he finds (do I hear the water running again?) his favorite cup. "Watch this!" he calls out as he tosses the cup in the air, water flying everywhere.

With a deep breath and a reminder to self: he's just exploring life (as well as trying to get my attention), I grab the little rugrat and tickle torture him until he can't breathe. "Stop getting water everywhere!" I tell him.

Through laughter and giggles, he looks at me and threatens," I gonna get water on you!"

I tickle him more.

"I'm gonna spray you!"

More tickles.

"Okay, I done with water," he tells me, in an effort to get me to stop the tickling.

Running off, he comes up with the master plan!

Do I hear water running again?

"I gonna spray you!" he calls out, the super mega squirt gun sprayer in hand (the one I forgot about hidden in the boy's room). And, just as I realize that he's filled it all by himself, and try to tell him to stop, he shoots me in the face!

"No more water in the house!" I yell, but he's laughing.

"I got you!" he says, and the smile on his face, mixed with the excitement of his new-founded "toy" (water) makes me laugh, too.

We're on day number 5 of the water infatuation, and I'm glad that my area rugs are currently getting cleaned at the carpet place, because nothing is stopping him from indulging in his new infatuation! I can't wait to see what he comes up with next. Aren't children wonderful?

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