Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Duh, Dora!

Due to the overwhelming response I have received to add more to my blog, I have decided to pop one more little story up here, to keep the masses on the internet happily reading. I try to bring a smile to people’s faces-at the expense of my own humility as well as my kid’s, so I hope this does the job…

Recently, my amazingly smart and unbelievably hilarious two-year-old was watching his favorite show, Dora the Explorer. Okay, maybe second favorite show-Go, Diego, Go tops the list, I believe. But, back to the point here…
Dora the Explorer, in my opinion, is an outstanding educational program for these little tots because of the interactivity it promotes. Dora presents different scenarios and choices for the child, asking questions including “What color are the penguin’s feet?” or “What do we need to get across the lake to the big green mountain?” and then she stops for a moment for the child to come up with their own answer while they ponder the question and look at the pictures that represent options for solutions posted on the screen of the television. Quite often, Dora will ask questions that are a bit obvious to my two-year-old, and he gets a little feisty with his answers.
On this particular show, Dora was desperately trying to get to the other side of the lake to the big green mountain, as mentioned earlier. She asked her audience if she could use a car to get to the other side. My overly intelligent son reported, “No!” out loud in response to her silly question.
Then, she asked if a bicycle would help her make her way to her destination. Again, my ingenious little man shouted, “No!”, and, Dora proceeded to ponder her predicament. A car won’t make it across the lake and a bicycle will not do, so what could she use to get across the lake to the big green mountain?
As impatient as these tiny little people can be, my son couldn’t contain himself. He was shouting at Dora, “Use the boat! You need to use a boat!” All the while, he is jumping excitedly and pointing urgently at the little blue boat in the top right hand corner of the screen.
So, when Dora finally decided to ask the question: “Will a boat help me get across the lake to the big green mountain?” the answer was clear to my son.
His response to Dora’s too-easy-for-a-two-year-old question came simply as, “Yeah…duh!”
Of course a boat will get you across the lake, Dora. Even a two-year-old knows that.

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  1. I used to hate Dora until I read this and realized how she can help my child learn


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