Thursday, February 18, 2010

Would You Be Embarrassed?

Children can teach us a lot with just one question.

My ten-year-old son asked me recently, "If there was a projector that posted all your private thoughts on a billboard for the whole world to see, would you be embarrassed?"

I had to think about that one for a moment before responding.

The answer was easy: Of course, I would be embarrassed! Who wouldn't be? But, how do you answer that question to your 10-year-old?

A trick question! I started giggling, and then tossed the ball back in his direction, "Would you be embarrassed?"

"By what your billboard said or by what MY billboard said?" he tossed back. Now, I was really giggling! Seeing that I was in no condition to answer his question, he continued, "If it was MY billboard, I would probably be embarrassed, and if it was your billboard..."

He paused. I waited, still giggling.

"I think, by the way you are laughing, I'd be embarrassed, too."

Okay, I lost it. I was really giggling; belly hurting by now. He was so brutally honest, I wanted to grant him the same honesty with my own answer.

Confession time. "Yes, I would be embarrassed. But don't tell anybody I said that," I instructed him, still giggling.

He was giggling, too. Because he knew, like I know, that if ANYBODY had their private thoughts projected up on a billboard, they'd definitely be embarrassed!

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