Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Vick's Vapor Rub with Socks?

We ALL want winter over sooner than later! Especially those of us who have children with respiratory issues. Just the runny noses and coughs can drive a parent mad.

Just recently, as I was fancying my latest addiction, Facebook, one of my "fellow mom" (now, also a grandma) aunts complained about her insistent cold symptoms. and a "fellow mom" cousin of mine commented on her post. She told her to put some Vick's Vapor rub on her feet and cover her feet with socks. In the morning, she should feel much better.

I had heard of it several times before, and even tried it many years ago, but it was a "trick" I had forgotten about. With the winter dragging on in February, even here in the south, I dug around for the Vick's (hidden deep behind the summer sunscreens under the sink in the bathroom). The kids grabbed clean pairs of socks, and I proceeded to slather it on the feet of my children. (My 9 year old daughter slathered it on my feet lovingly and snuggled socks over my tootsies.)

I probably don't need to point out that the odor was overwhelming, but it starting working immediately! We were all taking deep breaths and inhaling the vapors of eucalyptus with joy.

When we awoke, we were all taking nice morning breaths of air. Breathe in...Ahhhh! It was grand! Even my dearest 2 year old, who had recently been waking up with a phlegm-my chest and in need of immediate nebulizer treatments in the a.m., was breathing free and clear.

We'll be putting it on again tonight, just to make sure last night was not just a fluke; a "figment of our imaginations".

We do recommend this to anyone who needs a deep breath of fresh air in the morning, and we'll post comments of our experiences tonight in a later blog.

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