Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Six Little Monkeys

I gave birth to monkeys!

Or, so you would think. With a 5 year old down the hall jumping on the bed. Boing! Boing! Boing! (No more monkeys jumping on the bed!) A 2 year old that likes to, somehow, climb everything. Ah, yes! He's currently standing on the kitchen counter. How did he get there???

You can hear them talking to each other..."ooo ooo ooo, ah ah ah ah!" Pounding on their chests...

And, the youngest? Uh-huh, at merely nine months old, he is making the monkey sounds, and trying to figure out how to imitate his primate siblings. You can see in his eyes how he wishes he could climb and jump around like the rest of them, creating havoc wherever he is.

Oh, and right on cue, as I type this, my wonderful 5 year old just came up to me and said "Ah ah ah!" in my face.

Let's not leave out the way my little monkeys will not keep their clothes on...monkeys are more comfortable in their own climate in the buff.

They spend their free time figuring out how they can get from here to there without touching the floor. What can I swing on? I can make it over there to that couch in ONE BIG MONKEY STEP!

Once in a while, my little monkeys settle down quietly and I wonder...what happened to my monkeys? And, then I find one of them in the corner, sticking play dough up their nose or in their ears. And I think, There's my little monkey!

Enjoy your babies when they are in the infant stages, because when they start "talking" and moving around, you may find out that you, too, gave birth to monkeys!

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