Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Pants On Fi-Ya!

They say "kids say the funniest things!", and boy, can I back that up! With six children, someone's always saying something funny (and, to my embarrassment, inappropriate, at times!). So, it won't be surprising if I throw in a post on my blog about the funny things my kids say every now and then.

When my now five-year-old, W, was two and my now two-year-old, D, was an infant, W would give me updates from the seat behind me in the van when we ran errands. "The baby is sweeping!" or "the baby is awake!" But, there was one thing he kept saying that I just could not figure out.

"Mom, I think the baby needs his pants on fi-ya," he told me one day.

"Oh, really?" I asked, treading carefully. Did my child really want to set the baby's pants on fire? I'm well aware that it's normal for a child to feel like the baby is moving in on their space, but did we have to be so drastic?

His only response to me was, "Yep." And, that was that.

The next day, he said it again, "Mom, I think the baby needs his pants on fi-ya!"

Okay, what could that mean?

"You think he needs a diaper change?" I asked.

"No, he needs his!" he enunciated.

"Pants on fire?"

"No, his PANTS ON FI YA!" He said again, like I was an idiot.

Not wanting to seem like I didn't understand him, I just said, "Oh! Okay." I was so glad he didn't want to set the baby's pants on fire, I was willing to pretend that I understood what he was saying.

Later on that day, he mentioned it again, "Mom, I think he needs his pants on fi-ya."

"Show me," I said, and he did! He ran out of the room, scooped up something quickly from the kitchen, and brought it to the baby.

Of course, I should have known that my son did not want to set my infant's pants on fire, but with children, you never know. He produced the "pants on fi-ya", and tried to stick it in the baby's mouth. And, the baby immediately starting sucking on what WE know as his pacifier.

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