Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Motherly Nagging

I hate to admit it, but I nag my children.

There are days where I ask at least three of the children to pick up a pair of underwear, or a piece of candy wrapper, or misplaced shoes, five to seven times. The same item!

I hear familiar words coming out of my mouth that are not my words...

"If I tell you to do something, you are supposed to do it!"

"Do I look like your maid?"

"Did you brush your teeth?" (comb your hair, do your homework)

"When are you going to do what I asked you to do?"

"I can't believe you want to live like some pigs!"

"If you make a mess...clean it up"

"Who peed on the seat?" or "Who left the toilet seat up?"

"I might as well do it myself!"

"Get it done!" "Get it done!" "Get it done!"

I have come to the conclusion that it's not my fault. Why do they make me nag?

I grew up with the old-school thought that children should only "speak when spoken to", and "do as they are asked". Boy, have I been mislead!

Looking back now, as parents...way back when WE were the children that had terrible parents that nagged US, we heard the above sayings in one form or another, and our parents were asking themselves the same question:

What is wrong with kids nowadays? Because..."When I was younger, I used to have to walk a country mile to the school bus, in five feet of snow, uphill both ways....backwards!"

I still hate to admit that I'm a nag, and wish, on a daily basis, that my children would stop making me nag!

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